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Public Relations: our fields of activity – our services

  1. Press and Media Work
    Press conferences, off-the-record discussions, press information, press releases, press trips, journalist contacts, interviews, trade press work

  2. PR Consulting / Communications Management
    PR concepts and strategies, crisis communication and litigation PR

  3. Editing, Design and Production
    Editorial texts, customer and staff magazines, flyers and brochures, PR advertisements and mail shots, notes for speeches, presentations, manuals

  4. Internet, Web 2.0 and Online PR
    Conception and design of websites, newsletters, content management, search engine optimisation, online PR

  5. Event Management
    Anniversaries, information events, conferences, presentations, open days, discussions, roadshows

  6. Training and Coaching
    Training and seminars, PR guidelines, rhetoric, TV coaching and personal coaching

  7. Evaluation
    Press review, media coverage analysis, click rate measurement, customer and staff surveys

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